Special Offer in honour of World Environment Day

In the run-up to World Environment Day, which is 5 June, we are offering some special promotions:

– 25% of all profits on our Cambridge Collaboration print sales will go to either Alt National Park Service (for sales to US customers) or Fauna and Flora International (for sales to UK and rest-of-the-world customers).
These profit donations apply now, and until further notice, to any print offered for sale on this page link:
Keep up the great work Alt National Park Service and Fauna and Flora International!

-We’re also offering a 20% discount on every item for sale on our shop page (excluding the notecards), which is here:


-Plus, 25% of all profits on print sales from our Shop page will be donated to World Wildlife Fund.
Save yourself some money and contribute towards helping the environment at the same time. How good is that?!

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