On the Science of Pareidolia

     In their 2017 publication called Characterizing the response to face pareidolia in human category-selective visual cortex, scientists Susan G Wardle, Kiley Seymour & Jessica Taubert aimed to study how human brains process face perception.  They used this series of images for their study and described them thus:      “We collected 56 photographs of naturallyContinue reading “On the Science of Pareidolia”


Some sounds evoke a happy place, don’t they? Perhaps a particular noise reminds us of joyful springtime, a lazy summer day or a cosy moment during winter? I painted Smoothing to capture the mesmerising sound of pebbles on Shakespeare Beach in Dover. As I stood there watching at the shoreline, each swash of incoming seaContinue reading “Smoothing”

Hot Stuff

Here is an unusual memento of the 2021 volcanic eruption that first showed itself in Geldingadalir in Iceland. This limited-edition collaboration print features a photograph taken by Ægir Thor of Lífsbjörg ICE-SAR team, alongside a pareidolia drawing by Donna McLuskie of http://www.hiddencreaturesart.com. Pareidolia drawings show faces and hidden creatures perceived by the artist in unusualContinue reading “Hot Stuff”

For The Love Of Trees in the news

Here’s another collaboration print awaiting collection : ) Our limited edition collaboration prints are available here and can be purchased with postage worldwide or with free collection from Cambridge: Cambridge Collaboration Prints Shop This week I’m in the news. Our local paper, Cambridge Independent, has published an article, which I’m happy to see confirms thatContinue reading “For The Love Of Trees in the news”

What Is A Bear?

There’s a bear in my latest drawing and I’m calling him Ísólfur for reasons probably only Icelanders and, moreover, only some Icelanders will know about.I’m still looking into this myself but, anyway, here’s Ísólfur. Isn’t it interesting how few features are needed to describe a bear? This reminds me of a scene in one ofContinue reading “What Is A Bear?”

Spotlight on Cloudscape

Cloudscape is my first collaboration print. Positioning the photograph used as inspiration alongside my drawing provides a much deeper insight into pareidolia and also makes the artwork more interactive. Do you perceive what I do or do you see it differently? During the 2021 Cambridge Science Festival (affiliated with MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts), the festivalContinue reading “Spotlight on Cloudscape”

Spotlight on In The Swirls Of The Cam

There are some techniques for drawing that Quentin Blake and I happen to share. Discovering this recently made my day, and that whole week, so much brighter! In fact, I’m still very happy about it. Obviously, two people can take the same stretch of road and end up turning off to completely different destinations. ButContinue reading “Spotlight on In The Swirls Of The Cam”

Special Offer in honour of World Environment Day

In the run-up to World Environment Day, which is 5 June, we are offering some special promotions: – 25% of all profits on our Cambridge Collaboration print sales will go to either Alt National Park Service (for sales to US customers) or Fauna and Flora International (for sales to UK and rest-of-the-world customers).These profit donationsContinue reading “Special Offer in honour of World Environment Day”

Spotlight on For The Love Of Trees

The moment I came across this exquisite photograph taken in 2015 by Martin Bond of A Cambridge Diary, I knew I had to draw it. I don’t know what you see first, but the lion on the tree trunk in the foreground with his paws extended downward and his claws out, scoring lines in theContinue reading “Spotlight on For The Love Of Trees”

WWF/Attenborough Film Exhibition Launch Event

Thursday the 29th of April is the launch date for the Just Imagine exhibition, which features the work of twelve winning artists (out of 640 entrants). I’m very proud to be one of the winners. Here’s a link to the winning artists’ profiles and information about how to register for the free one hour launchContinue reading “WWF/Attenborough Film Exhibition Launch Event”