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Pareidolia drawings are a bit of journey to create. Getting to know the site to be drawn, there is inevitably some research involved. Site visits at different times of the day and even during different seasons of the year, if possible, are a luxury. Once I have identified the main pareidolic creatures that I see, it’s very good to work further from a photograph of the site.
Clouds disperse with a breeze and shadows distort as sunlight alters, yet discerning what hidden creatures there are in a setting demands very discreet perception.
Photographs freeze one moment in time and allow for close study of the scene to be drawn. For this reason, I am indebted to the brilliant photographers whose
photographs help inspire me to create pareidolia drawings.
Collaboration prints, which offer my drawing alongside the photograph I used as
inspiration, provide viewers with a deeper insight into pareidolia. I am very proud to be collaborating with the sublimely talented photographers who have joined with me to produce these special limited-edition series of fine art giclée prints, which we offer for sale here in my shop under the various collaboration print tabs.

Welcome to our shop. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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