Dried Mushroom and Lentil Soup (inspired by a Ruthenian Mushroom Soup recipe)

This sugar-free, oil-free, vegetarian (also vegan) recipe was invented by Donna McLuskie on 27 Feb 22, lunchtime, using foodstuffs in the larder on the day.

Rinse 2 cups dried mushrooms. I used oyster, shitake, porcini and boletus mix.

Soak for about one hour in hot water. Then remove shrooms and chop them to bitesize and save the soaking liquid.

Meanwhile, fry 3 medium red onions finely chopped and two big cloves of garlic mashed in a bit of broth with salt, splash of water, splash acv, heaped t yeast extract until translucent (but these could be baked to become browned instead).

Remove onions mix and add to the uncleaned pan 3 medium carrots chopped and two green peppers chopped and T miso and t Dijon mustard and about a cup or more of washed dried speckled green lentils and 5 cups boiling water and the reserved mushroom liquid and the chopped shrooms and squirt of balsamic vin glaze and cook until the lentils are done. Add 22 small grinds of black pepper midway if you like pepper as much as I do.

Pour the soup over croutons that have been oven cooked dry (with balsamic vin glaze squirted over and a good dusting of nutritional yeast before baking). Top the soup with the onions and garlic mix, add a ribbon of balsamic vin glaze and a good sprinkling of ground almonds and serve.

The wonderful umami stayed with me as a gentle, warming aftertaste long after lunchtime and I’m hoping that Ukrainians have the nutrition and resources needed to defend their hard-won democracy x

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