For The Love Of Trees in the news

Here’s another collaboration print awaiting collection : )

Our limited edition collaboration prints are available here and can be purchased with postage worldwide or with free collection from Cambridge:

Cambridge Collaboration Prints Shop

This week I’m in the news. Our local paper, Cambridge Independent, has published an article, which I’m happy to see confirms that I’m still blonde as always, although perhaps not as blonde as before : )

With their speedy turnarounds and work ethic, there’s always the likelihood that something not quite right might slip into an article. In this case, I recall mentioning how I used to detail waterproof coursing and expansion joints, amongst other things, for skyscraper construction, but this has somehow gotten into print as “watercourses”.

Cambridge Independent 9-15 June 2021

Still feeling very grateful for Alex’s lovely article though.

And, happy day wishes to you!

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