Welcome to Hidden Creatures Art

I’m artist and writer Donna McLuskie and this site is where I will share my artwork and writings as a pareidoliaist.

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@altnationalparkservice @faunaandflorainternational @worldwildlifefundUK art At the compost heap Berlin Clouds Collaboration prints Dover art drawingIceland Dried Mushroom and Lentil Soup Fiction in a flash for the love of trees How We See Our World ICE-SAR Iceland Isles of Scilly Lífsbjörg Moral dilemma Oliver Cromwell Painting sound pareidolia Pareidolia Art Pareidolia Drawing Pen and ink Punting Quintessential Cambridge Riverlife Ruthenian Inspiration Science of Pareidolia Shakespeare Beach The Fens Too late Too little Trinity College Cambridge Visual Verse Volcano Wally Wally-the-Walrus Watercolour painting What Do You See? Whatisabear? zerotohero Ísólfur

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